Room Décor Tips for Students on a Budget

The best part of going to university is the freedom you have to decorate your room to best represent your true self. We all know that decorations can cost a pretty penny, so here are some bright ideas for customising your student pad on a budget.

1. A Night Sky Projector: Enthusiasts can shell out almost £100 for one of these, but they’re looking to learn the constellations without having to leave the house. At less than £10, you can pick up an affordable cardboard version. The sharpness of the projection might not be the best but that hardly matters as building it is easy and it’ll still cast beautiful patterns over your walls, floor, and ceiling!

2. Posters Galore: In today’s day of high-quality television and blockbuster movie franchises, everyone’s a nerd about something. Many universities hold poster sales where you can pick them up for a couple of pounds each, but even WHSmith sells them for three or four quid a pop. Just make sure to use Blu-Tack so you don’t mark the walls!

3. Raid your Family Home: Not only is it comforting to find your childhood blanket waiting for you after a bad first date, it’s also absolutely free. If you plan in advance, bringing your favourite cushions and pillows from your old bedroom is as simple as leaving some room in your bag when you head home for the weekend. It’s also a great way to quickly make your new place feel just like home.

4. Your Very Own Cinema: Much like the first entry on this list, a reasonable £10-15 will get you a projector you can use to cast any image on your phone screen onto your wall or ceiling. Call your friends over, microwave some popcorn, open a bottle of wine and stick on a classic movie. Speaking of wine…

5. Bottle Collection: There’s no finer place to start than Freshers’ Week, but make no mistake, this is a year-long project. It’s the best way to memorialise the nights you want to remember (but for *ahem* certain reasons, can’t). Watch it grow as the weeks fly by. It’s a physical representation of the friends you’ve made and the good times you’ve experienced.

 Your student room will be everything to you – from the place where you knock out essays in a single afternoon to where you sleep off wicked hangovers to where you invite your crush over to binge-watch Netflix. Simply use these handy (and cheap!) tips to make sure it’s all yours.

Written by Mackenzie Hunt